Graham Osborne


Management Trainer and Consultant of SELECT TRAINING

Graham is an accomplished professional with over 40 years’ experience in every aspect of language training, assessment and testing with extensive hands-on practical management and leadership skills and successful self-employment in UK and EU.

He started his career in New Zealand as a primary school teacher, and after completing qualified teacher status and three years teaching, he travelled extensively throughout Asia and arrived in UK in early 80’s. In London, Graham found his teaching skills in high demand and he quickly adapted to executive English language training with Linguarama and Berlitz organisations. He travelled throughout Europe, conducting highly intensive immersion training with CEOs and senior executives who needed to be able to make presentations and deliver persuasive arguments at a very high level of proficiency and fluency at board meetings and conferences.

After three years in Europe, Graham took a position with the Royal Commission for Yanbu and Jubail at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia where he was in charge of English training for Saudi nationals in the Yanbu municipal authority as well as oil industry with ARAMCO and the Ministry of Education in Jeddah. In 1987, Graham moved to University of Texas in Austin, USA and began studying for an MA in Linguistics and TESOL. While there, he became interested in the growing influence of taught philosophy courses and learning theory from contributors such as; Bandura, Kolb, Argyris & Schon who were having direct impact on business risk-taking strategy, ethical practice, and organisational change management.

Graham developed an interest in teacher training, programmed instruction, course design, testing and assessment; and so when he returned to UK in 1988, he became self-employed, writing and delivering vocational and educational training courses. He was instrumental in the creation of BATQI – British Association of TESOL Qualifying Institutions in 1991 and later that year his organisation was accredited by The College of Teachers, enabling a wider variety of accredited Diploma courses for teachers, managers in the private and public sectors.

Graham set up a language school and worked with several of the leading restaurants in Spain to expand into all aspects of training international chefs to a Michelin standard. Graham later on relocated to UK and restructured the business to offer testing and assessment services to London educational authorities.

In 2013 Graham moved to UAE and worked specifically in the Western Region with ADVETI, ADNOC as Curriculum Adviser and with Higher Colleges of Technology as a Manager across two campuses, Baynounah and Al Ruwais. He is currently working with SELECT providing English Language, Business and Technical Writing, Management and Leadership as well as Presentation and Public Speaking programmes. Graham is a very knowledgeable and adaptive trainer who has a flexible, expansive approach to learning and believes in learner autonomy, self-determination based on motivational needs.

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