Rana Boulus


Management Trainer and Consultant - Bi-Lingual of SELECT TRAINING

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts Radio, TV and Film coupled with an MA in Marketing Communications from the University of Westminster, Rana is certainly a pragmatic, results-driven professional. Originally from Lebanon, Rana has lived in Canada and spent over 10 years in the U.K. before making her way to Abu Dhabi.

Rana’s corporate experience in leadership and management places her in an excellent position of knowledge with realistic and challenging experiences to draw from when delivering training. She initially started her career working for Grey London managing a Procter & Gamble account. In this role, Rana managed a team from the marketing activities to conducting monthly brand status meetings and presenting updates to the client. She was very ‘hands on’ and often held regular workshops with her team on Diversity, CRM, Setting Strategy, Marketing and PR and Presentation Skills.

Her hard work paid off because she was then requested to manage a GlaxoSmithKline account holding a similar role, yet with more seniority. She now led the team who managed the client relationships, developed brand materials and campaigns. In this role, Rana closely monitored her team performance, often conducting activities that would motivate and inspire her team. She launched learning and development initiatives and regularly conducted performance appraisals and is experienced in holding appraisal meetings and handling difficult conversations.

In 2011, Rana then moved to a managerial position in the training and education industry and in this role she oversaw all the activities of the company from administration, HR, recruitment, training to finance and customer retention. She enjoys working with people and training them in order to achieve the best results. She is competent and confident operating internationally and understands that every course is different. One of her priorities in training is to establish group needs and wants prior to the training so that each participant feels they have received a useful tip, tool or technique that works for them.

With a unique skill-set comprising of analytical, organisational and cultural insights, Rana is able to quickly identify performance issues and recommend solutions that achieve the desired results. She provides a foundation for the design, implementation and sustainability of improved business practices, employee and management behaviours. She supports these improvements by working closely with her clients to align and engage their people in cutting edge communications, training and coaching; areas that Rana enjoys training the most.

Rana delivers accredited and customised soft skills programmes in English and Arabic including Marketing and PR, Management, Presentations, Team Building, Train the Trainer, Conflict Management and Change and Communication. She injects energy into the training room through her open and participative delivery style, with a focus on activity- and action-based learning and development.

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