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      SELECT’s CORE Development Programme

      Today’s business needs are ever evolving, and employees are constantly faced with swiftly advancing technology coupled with developing their skills to meet the changing demands of their jobs. By 2022, 54% of all employees will require significant upskilling, according to the World Economic Forum.

      Our CORE development programme will equip employees with the required digital knowledge and understanding, written and verbal communication combined with an open mind and a forward-thinking mindset to succeed.

      The complexity, pace and challenges facing organisations today necessitate the development to prepare fresh graduates to be competent, skilled and engaged.

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      A structured fast track development programme, tailored to the top 5 competencies required for work readiness.

      • 01 Digital skills for the future

        • Understand how to secure devices and data
        • Communicate socially and professionally using technology
        • Apply digital skills in personal and business situations
        • Use digital resources to facilitate career progression

      • 02 Ethics and cultural etiquette

        • Be able to communicate across different cultures
        • Conduct professional presence and strong work ethics
        • Employ best practice protocol and etiquette during business functions
        • Build personal credibility by modelling ethical behaviour

      • 03 Mastering the art of communication

        • Master the different methods of communication, be it virtual or face to face
        • Be able to adapt to different communication and personality styles
        • Become assertive and apply emotional intelligence in challenging situations
        • Build self-confidence and establish positive relationships effortlessly

      • 04 Agile, self and time management

        • Become agile by managing time effectively in a fast changing working environment
        • Master workspace organisation, planning and prioritising techniques
        • Eliminate time wasters and adopt strategies to make better use of time
        • Maintain a balanced personal and professional life

      • 05 Maximising customer service skills

        • Four key principles of great customer service
        • Learn and express empathy as a vital customer service skill
        • Explore every step of the customer service experience
        • Become empowered and motivated to exceed customer’s expectations

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