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The interview is a common tool for employee selection. However, many interviewers have never been trained and it has long been recognised that the common method of interviewing does not really tell us much about a person’s behaviour, competencies or level of emotional intelligence when faced with difficult and sometimes challenging situations. While we may say that past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour, we do not act as though we believe this when we are interviewing candidates – often because we are not certain how to ask questions that will tell us about past performance.

In this workshop, we will address the importance of preparing a list of required competencies, the scenarios that can reveal whether the candidate has these competencies, as well as how to rate them. Participants will practise the pre-interview preparation, develop questions and their value, gain interview techniques that get specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance, and the strategies that follow through from this process.


  • Understand interviewing skills and techniques
  • Evaluate the strengths and limitations of different interview approaches
  • Understand the principles and benefits of competency-based interviews
  • Practise the approach in simulated competency-based interviews
  • Develop effective interview questions aligned with job requirements and selection criteria
  • Review the types of questions that retrieve candidates’ ‘real’ competencies
  • Practise writing interview questions based on a competency model
  • Develop systematic means of collecting and analysing behavioural data
  • Use information from competency-based interviews to evaluate candidates’ suitability
  • Assess the candidates and make recommendations

Course Content

Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Day One
What is competency-based interviewing?
  • Traditional versus competency based interviews
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different interview approaches
  • The principles of competency-based interviews
Before the interview
  • Job specifications
  • Developing the matrix
  • Conducting a job analysis
  • Identifying competencies and performance dimensions
Structure of the interview
  • Introductions
  • Brief discussion about the job
  • Validation of technical or functional skills
  • Interviewee’s opportunity to ask questions
  • Close out or next steps
Fairness and equality
  • The importance of being fair and bias free
  • Asking the same questions of all candidates
  • Making ratings reliable (consistency)
Day Two
Developing the interview questions
  • Writing questions that are easy to read out
  • Developing the response you are looking for
  • Getting to ‘nuggets’ of highly relevant experience
Developing an interview format
  • The formulation of competence frameworks
  • Developing competencies for specific roles
  • Creating the structure
  • Gathering predictive information
Behaviour analysis
  • Verbal and non-verbal
  • Observing and analysing body language
  • Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic
Interviewing techniques
  • Developing a rapport and making the candidate feel welcome
  • Active listening skills
  • Recording and valuing responses
  • Concluding the interview


The foundation of our training is anchored in activity-based experiential learning. This methodology takes into consideration different learning and communication styles, and more importantly language and cultural differences. It is through active participation that the adoption and application of theory is expedited.

Our training team pays careful attention to planning and designing effective instructional methods essential for the transfer of knowledge. It is the creative skill of our management trainers and consultants that reveal untapped skills of the delegates through:

  • Group discussion
  • Individual and syndicate activities
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Audio and video evaluation
  • Action planning
  • Experiential learning games
  • Presentations
  • Assessments
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28 Mar 2021 - 29 Mar 2021


9:00 am - 3:00 pm




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