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The special events industry has grown enormously in the past few decades. These special events can be corporate, social or somewhere in between. Great events are usually based on a strong concept and purpose and require a diligent and focused approach. Successful event management is a continuous process, and should be adaptable and flexible.

This course is designed to focus on the understanding of event planning guidelines and responsibilities. It will also cover all the elements of event management from the initial feasibility stage through to on site management, and post event evaluation.


  • Define what is an event and the different types of events
  • Understand the process of event management and its key stages
  • Use different tools when planning an event to ensure its success
  • Explore different idea generating tools when designing an event concept
  • Learn how to conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • Know how to conduct risk assessment
  • Explore different marketing opportunities to promote the events
  • Understand the financial and budgeting aspects of event management

Course Content

Below is an example of the course content. The content can be ‘tailored’ to meet the exact requirements of the client.

Day One
Understanding event management
  • What is an ‘event’?
  • Types of events
  • Role of the event manager
  • Phases of event management
Event management
  • Pre, onsite and post-event management
  • Generating ideas and concepts
  • Securing sponsorships
  • Arranging venue, logistics, facilities and resources
  • Dealing with suppliers
  • Record management
  • Health and safety management
  • Post-event evaluations
Event planning tools
  • The event project life cycle
  • Planning – opportunities, risks and possible modifications
  • Initiation – purpose and objectives
  • The written event plan
  • Organising and time management tools
  • Prioritising tools
Day Two
Managing people
  • Stakeholder analysis – needs, expectations, influence
  • Delegating of work
  • People and task management
  • Methods of communication – VAK
  • Marketing strategy
  • Market analysis
  • The marketing mix
  • Advertising and promoting the event
Budgeting and financial control
  • Understanding the purpose and uses of budgets
  • Budgetary control
  • Revenue and profit
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Monitoring cash flow


The foundation of our training is anchored in activity-based experiential learning. This methodology takes into consideration different learning and communication styles, and more importantly language and cultural differences. It is through active participation that the adoption and application of theory is expedited.

Our training team pays careful attention to planning and designing effective instructional methods essential for the transfer of knowledge. It is the creative skill of our management trainers and consultants that reveal untapped skills of the delegates through:

  • Group discussion
  • Individual and syndicate activities
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Case studies
  • Role plays
  • Audio and video evaluation
  • Action planning
  • Experiential learning games
  • Presentations
  • Assessments
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21 Apr 2021 - 22 Apr 2021


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi
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