Our team building activities promote and develop action plans that will reinforce the key learning of the programme and actively encourage participants to bring these insights back to the workplace.

  • Examine their actions and behaviours and explore what they can do differently to improve their individual and team performance.

  • Provide a forum where participants take some risks but where their efforts become more important than success and failure.

  • Provide opportunities for participants to enhance their personal effectiveness as a team player.

  • Create an environment which displays some of the essential components of high performing teams: vision, goals and priorities, trust, clear communication, flexibility, and feedback.

  • Activity selection, specific insights and metaphors would be related to the issues and goals of the client.

All activities are within everyone’s attainment. Our philosophy encourages individuals to participate at the level she or he is comfortable.  In other words, the reluctant person is never forced to do anything and should an individual choose not to participate physically, there is still ample opportunity to be fully involved.

Our specialists will explain advantages of different activities, advise you on additional services, and offer an attractive price package.

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